[Playstation 3 Map] Minecraft Nuketown by XxModxX_XxModxX

Game Region:
NPUB31419 or NPEB01899
Nuketown V1
Minecraft Version of Call of Duty's Famous Map Nuketown
US: Sendspace EU: Sendspace
How to Install:
Check out this video
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How to Download / Upload / Install Minecraft Maps on PS3

How to Upload Minecraft PS3 Maps:
1) Obtain a USB drive or any other device that will work on both your PS3 and your PC
2) Go to the PS3 XMB(Main Menu)
3) Go to “Game”
4) Go to “Saved Data Utility (PS3)”
5) Locate the map you want to download
6) Press Triangle, and then click copy
7) Choose the USB drive, this will copy the map data to the USB
8) Unplug your USB drive from your PS3 and plug in to computer
9) Open the file manager for the USB drive to see the map file
10) You can now share this file online

How to Download & Install Minecraft PS3:
1) Download the map. If the map is in a .zip file/rar file, extract it
2) Place the folder onto a USB drive (Folder Structure PS3/SAVEDATA)
3) Plug your USB drive into your PS3
4) Go to “Game”
5) Go to “Saved Data Utility (PS3)”
6) Click USB device
7) Locate the map, press Triangle then and click copy
8) The map will now be on your PS3 and ready to play once minecraft is loaded.

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